PUPILS and teachers from St Peter the Apostle and Clydebank High are helping the community see mathematics positively.

Maths Week, which runs from September 10 to 16, is an initiative run by the Scottish Government in a bid to raise the profile and importance of the subject.

Both schools have organised events to celebrate including parental workshops, information evenings, problem solving competitions and online sum contests.

By working together, the schools are hoping the awareness week is celebrated within the community by making people more aware of it.

Everyday next week, businesses across Clydebank will be displaying a different puzzle for people to work out.

Julie McArthur, PT numeracy at St Peter the Apostle High, told the Post: “The school is committed to developing the national priority of raising attainment in numeracy.

“Maths Week Scotland is a great opportunity to celebrate numeracy within our school, learning community and town.”

Both schools will also be taking part in a maths challenge held in Clydebank Town Hall on September 12.

Monday’s puzzle is as follows: If a pig weighs 30kg, plus half it’s own weight, how much does it weigh? (Note: the answer is not 45kg).