DRUMCHAPEL girls danced their way to the top of the UDO World Street Dance Championships.

Three sisters – Taylor, Brooke and Ellis Smith – achieved first, second, and third places at the competitions, held August 23-26 at the SECC.

The girls, who have danced since they were toddlers, recently joined MAD Dance Studios where staff worked with them to perfect their routines.

Taylor, 16, took first prize in the under-18 novice duos with partner Dione Gibson, also 16.

Taylor told the Post: “You don’t realise how hard it is to qualify never mind place at these comps – the amount of training and travelling needed to qualify is intense.

“For the solo section last year, I came third and feel that I have improved, however, I never got placed this year for solo – that’s how hard the competition is.”

She added: “But me and Dione were determined not to be defeated in the duo section. We were up all night staying with each other or face-timing to drill the routine that we made up, perfecting everything down to even smiles at the same time.

“Winning the worlds means everything to us. We want to thank Michelle and all the teachers and pupils at MAD for welcoming us and the work they have put in to helping us achieve our dream.”

Brooke and partner Tayler Glen, both 14, came third in the under-16 intermediate section, despite dancing together for just two weeks.

And five-year-old Ellis achieved two places, coming second for duo in under-8s with partner Darci Gibson and fourth for solo at under-6s.

Christine Smith, the sister’s mum, said: “I am extremely proud of all my kids. It’s hard having three of them who love dance but that doesn’t stop me. I used to dance as a kid, but it was just typical local dance schools, nothing as intense as what mine do and achieve.

“I still try and have the odd dance-off at these comps, to the kids’ embarrassment, but I’m just a typical dance mum who will do what I can to support them achieving their dreams.”

The girls have already begun training for their next competition in Perth.

Mr Smart, the physical education teacher at Drumchapel High, said Taylor and Brooke were “two of the most talented dancers he has had the pleasure of watching.”

Mr Smart added: “They are a credit to their parents, the community and the school and this shows as Taylor runs the dance class for Drumchapel High and choreographs the whole team.”