Happy memories of life in Old Kilpatrick have been compiled for an oral history project looking back over almost 80 years.

Residents shared stories of living, playing and working in the village with volunteers from Action Old Kilpatrick (AOK).

The group, which celebrates heritage as well as campaigning for horticulture and the environment, was awarded funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund last March to undertake an oral history project called “A Walk Through the Past: Memories of Old Kilpatrick, 1940s to the present day”.

More than 60 people met recently in the Napier Hall to celebrate the completion of the project, which has produced a booklet, two audio walks, a leaflet and a new website.

The 56-page booklet contains many quotes taken from the 27 interviews volunteers conducted with Old Kilpatrick residents.

In addition, many of the people interviewed were willing to provide the project with historically interesting photographs of the village and its people.

The audio walks, the idea of Dr David Walker, an AOK volunteer and oral historian, consist of sound clips from the oral histories blended together with voiceover sections providing basic directions and historical information.

Susanne Hall, co-ordinator of AOK’s history and heritage group, said: “The audio walks are designed to follow well-established and safe pathways.

“Unlike other more traditional historical experiences, the audio walks provide an immediate and intimate experience of past events.

“In essence, these walks help bring the past to life.

“Whilst helping to reinvigorate an interest in the local history and heritage, the audio walks also provide the additional health benefit of taking exercise. All you need to experience these walks is a smartphone or mp3 player and a set of headphones.”

The first of the walks is the longest at approximately two miles and takes users on a journey through time and landscape, visiting the local school, the former bus depot (and site of the Roman Fort), the Forth and Clyde Canal, the Saltings, the Erskine Bridge and other places of interest.

The second walk is shorter and takes users through Lusset Glen and to the High Park before returning to the centre of the village.

All of the digitally recorded interviews and images will now be transferred to West Dunbartonshire libraries and cultural services where they will be securely archived and made available to future researchers of all ages with an interest in the history and heritage of Old Kilpatrick.

Susanne added: “It has been a privilege, a pleasure and an absolute delight to meet with and listen to local folk and witness the joy on their faces as they recounted happy memories of Old Kilpatrick and the laughter it brought out.

“Sincere thanks go to our interviewees and all others who have supported us.”

A limited number of the free booklets are available at info@actionoldkilpatrick.org.uk.

Visit awalkthroughthepast.org.uk for the audio walks and images.