Bankies are being given a chance to delve into the past and help uncover fascinating relics from thousands of years ago.

A team of archaeologists is hoping locals will join them at an event to celebrate the abundant prehistoric rock art which exists in and around Faifley.

The “cup and ring” markings date from 6,000 years ago and were carved by the first humans to settle in the area – ancestors of present day Bankies.

The event on August 18 – called Faifley Rocks – will be led by Glasgow University archaeology lecturer, Dr Kenny Brophy, and supported by Faifley Community Council, Knowes Housing Association, TCV Community Rewilding and MSP Gil Paterson.

This week, the MSP called on Bankies to support the event, which will feature a children’s pop-up rock art lab, a virtual reality demo, rock art walking tours, and photogrammetry – a method of taking exact measurements from photographs.

Scotland’s rock-art project team will also have a 3D printed sample of the Cochno Stone, a large “cup and ring” marked rock at Auchnacraig next to the Cochno farm, which was rediscovered in 1887.

Speaking about the event, Mr Paterson praised the commitment and dedication of Dr Brophy and his team from Glasgow University in uncovering the history of the area.

He said: “Dr Brophy and his team have worked tirelessly to discover and promote the history, not just of the Cochno Stone, but of the whole area.

“Kenny is very keen for the whole community to engage with our ancient legacy and would love to tap into local knowledge about the whereabouts of stones he is yet to discover.

“He’s also interested in the modern story of the stones so he’d love to hear any local tales about the area and the graffiti on the stones and see any old photographs that locals may still have.

“We have magnificent examples of ancient rock art right here on our doorstep and it is fascinating to learn of petroglyphs from 6000 years ago. I would encourage everyone to get along to this event if they can and support and participate in a great initiative for Faifley and the surrounding area.”

Faifley Rocks will take place on Saturday, August 18, at the site of Auchnacraig House, Auchnacraig Woodland Car Park, between 11am and 2pm.