SENTENCING for a man who threatened to harm himself when being arrested by biting his own arm has been put off to next month.

James Morrow, of Bontine Avenue, Dumbarton, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to breaking a bail order that was only weeks old.

Morrow had ignored a judge’s order barring him from contacting or being in the company of a woman. He also admitted shouting and swearing and threatening to self-harm.

Police saw the 54-year-old at 9.10pm on July 10 with the woman in North Avenue, Clydebank. On running a check, they learned of the bail restrictions from June 26.

When he was arrested, he became abusive and threatened to harm himself, saying he would “bite his arm”.

Officers tried to calm him down but he continued to shout and swear. While being taken to Clydebank police office, Morrow threatened to rip his “f***ing arm off” and tried to remove the dressing on a pre-existing wound.

As he was being removed from the police vehicle, he said: “If I’m getting the jail, I might as well get it for something good” and began headbutting the vehicle windows.

Defence solicitor Lauren Kerr said that the woman in question had approached Morrow and he “reacted badly” when arrested.

Morrow is currently on a community payback order, expiring in September, and is awaiting an operation on his arm, added Ms Kerr. He would then be able to carry out unpaid work as punishment.

Sheriff Simon Pender released Morrow on bail for reports to be prepared and continued the case until September 14.