TWO pupils from Clydebank High were part of a delegation to mark the Battle of Amiens and the beginning of the end of World War One.

Lucy Bowers and Chloe Boyd were chosen for their work with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) to travel to the service at Notre Dame cathedral in Amiens.

Along with teacher Paul Hamilton, there were three youngster from Grove Academy in Broughty Ferry and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in the group of 2,000 invited guests.

Ms Sturgeon tweeted: "It was really lovely to meet these exceptional young people in Amiens today - such fantastic ambassadors for Scotland."

Prince William and Prime Minister Theresa May gave readings at the service on Wednesday.

Lucy, who travelled with Chloe and other pupils to the battlefields at the end of June, told the BBC: "I think it really helps to put it into perspective, because we both study history in school, and it's quite difficult when you get a lot of facts and figures thrown at you.

"So when you come out here to somewhere like this, and you see all the gravestones lined up, it really puts it into perspective just how many people fought and died out here."

Mr Hamilton added: "There's a curricula aspect to these tours, in terms of you're building in some sort of context to what's actually learned in the classroom.

"But then there's a wider experience from being here as well. What you get is a lot of perspective. You sense the scale of it, and there's a huge impact that young people get from being on a tour like that.

"It is relevant and it will always be.

"It is the themes associated with it, whether it is conflict or injustice or tolerance or respect. These themes that were born out of the war will always have relevance."

Clydebank High also set up a new Twitter persona called "CHS_Remembrance" for all their historical work.

During their journey back home, they have shared photos and details of servicemen who are buried in the extensive war graves, such as brothers Cedric and Ralph Vipoint Brown and Sergeant Oliver Bates.

They said: "Feeling so privileged to have been invited to today’s event, a once-in-a-life-time experience that will never be forgotten."