Faifley residents complained of “brown water” over the weekend.

Several homes in the G81 area had discoloured water running through their taps for up to two days, said the community council.

Caroline MacDonald, of Faifley Community Council, said: “We are very disappointed with the customer service our residents have received from Scottish Water regarding this.

“There were no updates on their website, several residents were given wrong information regarding the location of the problem as they were told it was connected to an incident in Paisley, then others were told this wasn’t the case.

“Residents with young babies and medical problems were told they couldn’t be issued with bottled water yet other residents were delivered water, some at 11pm at night.”

Scottish Water recommended residents run their cold kitchen tap at half pressure to help the company’s investigation.

Laura Boyce, corporate affairs officer for Scottish Water, said: “On Saturday, August 4, we received reports of discoloured water from customers in the Faifley area of Clydebank. Scottish Water engineers attended to carry out some localised flushing to help remove the discolouration from the network and return supplies to normal.

“We thank affected customers for their patience and co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”