POLICE are investigating another attack at a Clydebank nursing home.

A palm-sized rock was thrown at the front glass doors of Edinbarnet Nursing home followed by two phone calls telling the centre they were under attack.

It follows a theft of thousands of pounds worth of grounds equipment that forced them to up security.

Police are investigating the latest incident on July 18 around 2.45am.

Edinbarnet Nursing Home declined to comment while the investigation is ongoing.

CCTV was installed after an earlier attack this year and the nursing home is understood to now be closing outer storm doors

In January, the nine-acre site was robbed of £14,000 worth of gardening equipment.

Their garage was forced open and cleared out of items including a £12,000 wood chipper, chain saws, pressure washers and leaf blowers.

The thieves broke a security light and cut the padlock at the Cochno Road home between 1am and 6.45am on January 15.

There have been no arrests in that case.

Claire Gallagher, chairwoman of Faifley Community Council, told the Post: “Cochno Road has been a problem area all summer for Police Scotland and is attracting youths from all over Glasgow not just Clydebank.

“I would hope that the youth of Clydebank would understand that this is a home for vulnerable elderly residents and that they and the staff employed to help them do not deserve this type of behaviour.

“The area is secluded but this is to afford the residents peace and quiet as many of them have dementia and they require peace at this stage of their lives.

“I urge Police Scotland to ensure that regular patrols of this area are guaranteed and that people can live and work in a safe secure environment.”

Any witnesses should contact Clydebank police on 101.