A CLYDEBANK man has been banned from contacting his ex-partner for two years after repeatedly calling and harassing her at home.

Gary McKinlay, 23, of Brunswick House, engaged in a course of aggravation against the woman for three days in a row, leaving her in a state of fear and alarm.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard last Friday how McKinlay carried out the offence between February 4 and 7 at a house in Milngavie Road, Bearsden.

The court heard how he knew that his ex-partner didn’t want any contact with him.

But he repeatedly went to the flat and banged on the windows, shouted at her, repeatedly made phone calls and sent text messages to her and watched her through a glass door. He also made phone calls to his ex-partner’s mother.

McKinlay, formerly of Vanguard Street, had been in a relationship with the woman for a few years until he was evicted from the flat on February 4.

Prosecutor Ian Meacock said: “She demanded that the relationship was at an end and she moved to Bearsden.

“On Saturday, February 4, at 11.15pm she saw him at the rear door of the flat and became concerned and upset.

“He was banging on the bedroom window and shouting for her to open the door. She tried to ignore it.

“He then began to phone her, but she hung up. He made several further attempts. Then texts began and continued until 5am. He then began banging on the letterbox and this continued until 8am. Police were called, but he returned at 2.30pm that day.

“She saw him at the front door and police were again called. He had left by the time they arrived.

“The text messages continued, but she blocked them. Police were again called at 11pm, she was upset and shaking.

“On Wednesday, February 7 police tried to trace McKinlay. They found him at 11.05pm and took him to Clydebank police office where he was arrested and held in custody before being cautioned and charged.”

Defence lawyer Kenny Clark said McKinlay accepts he relationship is over. Mr Clark added: “He is now in a new relationship and has put this behind him. His previous convictions don’t do him much credit.

“What he did was highly inappropriate and is genuinely remorseful and rightly so.”

Sheriff John Hamilton told McKinlay: “This must have been highly distressing for this lady. I have no idea what you must have been thinking. Your record does you no favours.”

McKinlay was also given a community payback order to carry 200 hours of unpaid work.

A two-year non-harassment order was also put in place banning him from contacting his ex-partner in any way.