A KNIGHTSWOOD school celebrated its values of multiculturalism and diversity with a special event recently.

Bankhead Primary School educated one another on the religious holiday of Eid.

Carol Jamnejad, the school’s English and additional language teacher, said: “We just want to celebrated diversity within the school, so the children did a presentation in the hall and then a lot of children wore national clothes.

“We had kids from Afghanistan and Syria wear some lovely outfits. We also encouraged the kids to wear kilts but nobody took us up on that.”

There were almost 400 children who took part in the celebrations and Carol explained that it was important for the school to arrange such events.

She said: “It’s important for the understanding of the bigger picture. A lot of what people get from the media is not always accurate. The more people are educated the better.

“It was nice. The kids were proud and the parents brought in balloons and made paper flowers.

“Most people are very supportive. We have a song all about celebrating people for what they are, so we all sang that. That was nice.”