YOUTH charity Y Sort It have completed a special "hut" in a community with a special link to Clydebank.

The building in the hutting community of Carbeth will accommodate up to 10 people to provide respite for youngsters, encouraging them to connect with the outdoors, learn new skills, experience "hut life" and learn about the history of the area.

Clydebank's long history with the area includes the huts playing host to many families left homeless after the Blitz in 1941.

And the charity hopes to celebrate those links through their support for young people and families, just as the area did more than 75 years ago.

Y Sort It's cabin is on both the West Highland Way and John Muir Way and it's near the Auchengillan Outdoor Activity Centre and Carbeth Fishery.

This is the first time the Carbeth Hutters Community Company (CHCC) has allocated a hut to an organisation, normally assisting families with affordable holidays.

Michelle-Dominque Bell, chairwoman of Y Sort It's youth management board, told the Post: "We are delighted that CHCC have welcomed us into their community, to build a hut that many children and young people will benefit from years to come.

"Being part of the design team, and seeing the hut being built from the start to finish has been exciting, I know from personal experience the benefits of being in the outdoors, it helps to alleviate any pressures at home, school or studies.

"The hut will help young people and children create memories and building positive relationships and lasting friendships.”

Chris Ballance, chair of CHCC, said it was a "cause for celebration" to welcome the young people.

He said: "It keeps alive the spirit of the pioneers who first started Carbeth, nearly 100 years ago, to provide access to the land for people who might otherwise have no experience of the natural world.

"Carbeth is now a self-governing community, who own our site following a buyout four years ago.

"There are many young people with no access to nature, which is a very particular

form of deprivation. Y Sort It does transformative work, so it's great to welcome them

here as the first charitable venture onto the land which we're now custodians of.

"We congratulate Y Sort It on all their hard work to get this venture successfully up and


The Carbeth hut is "off grid", with solar power providing lighting, a fully disabled

composting toilet with drinking water collected from a standpipe. The hut was helped

with funding from the Life Changes Trust and Cashback for Communities Fund."

Y Sort It manager Gillian Kirkwood said: "The hut will allow us to provide much needed respite for those we support including young carers and those who are care experienced, that need a break and time away from everyday life.

"Carbeth feels a world away from the streets of West Dunbartonshire and those who will benefit from staying will be following in the footsteps generations gone by who escaped to Carbeth for fresh air and companionship."