AS the current school term draws to a close campaigners are already bracing for increasing demands for help with uniforms for next year.

West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare is launching their fourth school uniform bank and already have 50 referrals from agencies of families needing assistance.

Although West Dunbartonshire Council offers a £100 clothing grant, one of the highest in the country and now being matched across all local authorities, it doesn’t cover everything, nor everyone.

Last year, 191 children were supported before the term started, with another 50 through the year. And the foodbank is starting earlier to ensure they’ll be able to help everyone in need.

Clair Coyle, trustee at the foodshare, said: “We just seem to be increasing every year. We are expecting to be inundated.

“There are so many people who don’t qualify for support. We get families coming along for food distribution who work, but they’re struggling.

“For high school children, the costs are a lot higher. West Dunbartonshire has had the £100 grant and has been the most generous, but for a lot of families it doesn’t cover everything.”

Ms Coyle said grants aren’t paid to children of school leaving age until their return to school, putting pressure on some families.

Clothing grants are available to those on housing and/or council tax benefits, or working tax credits with a gross annual income of £15,860.

The uniform bank is looking for donations of new uniform items, bags, jackets, shoes, PE kits and trainers, underwear, socks/tights and stationery.

They will also accept very good condition used items supplied as extras along with the new uniform. Used items should be in good condition, washed and ironed.

The uniform bank can be contacted through their Facebook page, phone 01389764135 or email

Orders can also be taken through their food distribution centres: Alexandria CE Centre, Thursdays, 11am-12.30pm; Concord Centre, Fridays, 11am-12.30pm; and Radnor Park Church, Fridays, 1pm-2.30pm.