by Grant McCabe

A RAPIST blackmailed a woman into sex after she found he had intimate photos of her on his phone.

Kevin Adair, 34, from Clydebank, attacked the victim days before Christmas 2014 at a flat in Greenock.

The incident came during a seven-year campaign of terror against a total of five women.

Adair is now behind bars after he was found guilty at the High Court in Glasgow.

Judge Michael O'Grady QC said he preyed on the women “like a cat with a mouse”.

Adair will learn his fate later this month.

A trial heard how the rape victim was “blackmailed” by the thug.

In his speech to jurors, prosecutor Duncan McPhie said: “She understood that he had photographs of her – compromising photos.

“She told you that she had sex with Adair only in return for him deleting them from his phone.

“You might think he had a hold over her because of these photographs.”

The court heard Adair described as “very charming” - but also “very controlling”.

He had earlier sexually assaulted a then lover at a house in Dumbarton in 2007.

Adair would call her names such as “s***” - and even checked her intimately to make sure she was not cheating on him.

This was described as “degrading and humiliating”.

He also kicked and headbutted another woman – because she mentioned Higher exams he had once sat.

Mr McPhie told the court: “She spoke about an indent in her – that she still has to this day.”

Adair also hounded a further victim. He bombarded her with texts – his “constant desire to know where she was and who with”.

He then once pushed her causing a fall down stairs at a flat in Helensburgh in 2011.

The court heard another woman was punched as she clutched a baby.

She recalled how she “cried five days out of seven” every week during their relationship.

The jury heard the scared woman lied to the police and a midwife to cover up her ordeal.

Mr McPhie: “She spoke of a black eye and of him kicking her out of bed.

“She said that he repeatedly spat on her, called her a fat s*** and made her feel depressed.”

Adair was convicted of seven charges including rape and a number of assaults.

Judge O'Grady said it appeared Adair took “sadistic pleasure” in carrying out the crimes some against women who had looked to him for “protection and care”.

Adair will be sentenced on July 25 in Edinburgh.