THE scale of damage to the rail line at Dalmuir from flooding at the weekend has been captured by a Post reader.

Douglas Third looked on from both sides of the line after flooding on Saturday washed away part of the ground under the rails and caused a wall to collapse onto it.

Network Rail workers spent the rest of the weekend pumping out the water and clearing debris while the line through Yoker was closed to passengers.

A wire fence has been erected to replace the wall along Boquhanran Road into Singer Road beside the rail line.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Extensive flooding on Saturday night caused significant damage to the railway washing debris across the tracks and causing a section of wall on the railway boundary to collapse.

"Our engineers worked throughout the day and overnight on Sunday to pump flood waters off the line and to repair the track underneath. The line reopened to services on Monday morning following the successful completion of repairs.”

There was praise for the speed at which the line was turned around and re-opened.

Paul B Lyons on Twitter wrote: "I must say I spend my days taking people round central station telling stories of the history of the railway and delving into a wonderful past.

"But the work done at Dalmuir yesterday by Network Rail and ScotRail illustrates the dedication of railway men and women to this very day."

ScotRail on Monday tweeted: "Good morning! ^CT here bringing good news from #Dalmuir. Thanks to the hard work of track engineers, damage caused by flooding has been repaired, and the line reopened at the start of service today."

Others saw the humorous side, citing an image of a Venice canal or the classic Jaws line, "You're gonna need a bigger boat".