FAIFLEY’S newest street is to be named after the former Doublet bar in the area – despite planners warning the emergency services would not be able to find it.

The housing project on the former pub site at the corner of Faifley Road and Milldam Road was approved last year and West Dunbartonshire Council’s planning officials wanted the new road between the homes to be called

Milldam Gardens.

But Faifley Community Council had proposed Doublet Court.

Councillors questioned why planners bothered to ask the community council if they were then going to simply ignore their input.

Committee papers said the only suggestion was for

Doublet Court but that was rejected.

They stated: “Taking the suggestion from Faifley Community Council into account, it is considered Milldam Gardens best fits the location and layout of the site as the new road is accessed off Milldam Road.

“It also fully meets the requirements of the street naming and numbering policy.”

Kilpatrick councillor Lawrence O’Neill proposed an amendment to accept Doublet Court and said he was happy to support the community council.

Bailie Denis Agnew moved to stick with planners’ advice. He said Milldam Road existed before the Doublet and “new people moving in maybe want something fresh and something new”.

Councillor John Mooney said a similar debate happened when residents were consulted about new streets at Singer Street and Second Avenue but were ignored.

He questioned: “What are we saying? I don’t understand this conversation.”

Deputy Provost Karen

Conaghan agreed: “What’s the point of asking the community?”

Planning boss Pamela

Clifford said of the street naming policy that usually emergency services “like to link in to existing names”.

But Councillor Gail Casey rejected that and said: “The emergency services are going to know exactly where it is.”

Cllr O’Neill said the street naming policy “ticks a box” but so did Doublet Court. He added: “When we go to consultation, we spoke to our com-

munity councils as statutory consulates. I’m more than happy to support the community council’s aspirations.”

Councillors Diane Docherty, Bailie Agnew and planning convener and Kilpatrick councillor Jim Finn voted for Milldam Gardens. Councillors O’Neill, Conaghan,

Casey, Mooney, Jim Brown and Marie McNair voted for Doublet Court.

Speaking after the meeting, Faifley Community Council chairwoman Claire Gallagher told the Post: “That’s great news the community have been listened to.”

She also questioned why Cllr Finn voted against them. Cllr Finn did not reply to a request for comment.