Parents at a fire-damaged school have hit out at “unsuitable” learning conditions.

Children have been crammed into a tiny basement area for lunch and gym sessions at Scotstoun Primary School since a blaze ripped through the canteen in December.

And this week council chiefs green-lit plans which will see part of the sports pitch closed-off for up to three years to make way for a temporary hall.

It comes just months after makeshift classrooms – erected in 2015 – were removed from the pitch.

Tuesday's planning committee debated the plans for just five minutes before approving them.

Councillor Jane Morgan said: “There is no justification or argument for why the time period is three years. I’m interested to know why it is thought necessary to allow three years for repairs."

Development officer Ken Clark replied: "The request came from our education colleagues. They feel that is the appropriate length of time. It’s a similar timespan that was granted in 2015.

"The condition in the papers allows for the accommodation to be taken off-site should it not be required anymore."

Ahead of yesterday's planning committee meeting, a statement from the school’s parent council said: “It now looks likely that there will be a generation of pupils who will have had their entire time at the school disrupted by some form of construction work or refurbishment.

“Despite the very best efforts of staff, the present situation at the school has seen our children crowded into a small and unsuitable basement area at lunchtimes, and various sports and extra-curricular activities impacted.

“The situation is untenable and cannot be allowed to continue for any longer than is absolutely necessary, and at the very worst beyond the end of the current school year.”

In 2015 the council granted consent to erect two temporary buildings on the pitch. This was to allow the refurbishment of Scotstoun Primary and St Paul’s School.

Those buildings were removed last year after the work was completed.

But on December 16 last year fire crews were called to deal with a fire in the roof space of an annex.

The fire affected the canteen area but council officials said the impact was “limited” with children attending class two days later.

The parent council has backed the plans, despite having concerns. But Scotstoun Community Council have tabled an objection.

Richard Baynes, chairman of community council said: “We see no reason why, particularly given the acute situation at the school, the permanent build that the temporary huts are there to support should take any longer than two years, or until summer 2020.

“It does call into question whether this project is going to be properly resourced or tendered to firms that could complete the following permanent build in shorter than two years.”

SportScotland’s have called for the council to implement a condition where the developer will be required to submit a statement on how it will re-instate the pitch after the refurbishment.

A report by the council’s executive director of development services, Richard Brown, has said that the benefits of the temporary building will outweigh the three-year loss of the sports pitch.

In his report, he added: “A condition has been recommended to require fencing is installed between the temporary building and undeveloped pitch area to enable continued use of the pitch.”