THE BBC is preparing to expand in Scotland and STV last year marked 50 years on the air – but there’s also a new player in town: Clydebank TV.

Set in the former Our Holy Redeemer Primary’s gym, the studio is the work of the Clydebank G81 Trust, first registered as a charity in 2011.

Now with their public liability insurance in place, Clydebank TV - dubbed CBTV) is ready to grow and offer live streaming of interviews with area figures, discussion about issues across the town and a space for bands or other groups to do filming.

Joe Henry, a trustee with the charity and a Clydebank East community councillor, told the Post they are ready to build up CBTV.

He said: “We want to bring in more political issues. Clydebank is an industrial wasteland and this is another arm to let the public see what the town now has to offer, what it could be.

“We want to get more people involved - we do a lot but we need a people in.”

Tam Brady, who was a pupil once himself in the school, said they want CBTV to be self-sufficient through bands or groups renting the facilities.

He said: “We see there’s a niche. We’ve not been open to the public yet but when people know it’s here and word of mouth gets around, then we can grow.”

Joe added: “We want to take it a step at a time, to put out what’s happening in the area and offer services to local groups to use the space to advertise what’s going on. This is in its infancy. It will take off.”

Groups such as Y Sort It and the Independent Resource Centre have already made use of the studio and Clydebank politicians have been in the hot seat of interviews.

Clydebank MSP Gil Paterson said: “I’ve known Tam and Joe for many years now and have always been impressed by their drive and commitment to make things better for their community.

“The Clydebank TV studio just blew me away when I went to see it, the place is full of energy and ideas. It’s an amazing resource for the people of Clydebank and the plans for how they are going to use it are really exciting.

“Getting the project to where it is now is testament to the hard work of Joe, Tam and the other G81 Trust members.

“The studio will provide a creative outlet for groups and individuals giving them access and experience in recording, broadcasting and the arts and will be a huge benefit to the people of Clydebank.”

To get involved, contact CBTV at or on 0141 563 5583.