A MYSTERY dust coming from the site of Clydebank Port Services at Rothesay Dock is being investigated by West Dunbartonshire Council.

The local authority has responded to complaints from people working nearby, who have been concerned by the risk the substance could pose if inhaled.

Michael Shaw, who has a micro-brewery at the site, raised the issue on social media to MP Martin Docherty-Hughes and MSP Gil Paterson, as well as the council.

Mr Shaw, who lives in Anderston but uses the car park most days for work, said vehicles are often covered in dust in just a few hours.

The 37-year-old told the Post: “I was initially concerned because I didn’t know what it was and was afraid of the risks of inhaling it.

“It definitely gets inhaled if you’re outside, as well as getting in your eyes.

“Apart from the health concerns, it can cover a car in dust in a couple of hours.

“It can’t just be rinsed off. It has to be properly washed, which is a pain for company vehicles as they need to look smart at all times.

“My brewery is only about a year old, so I can’t say how long it’s been going on, but in the year I have been there I would say it happens on average once a week at least.”

It is not the first instance complaints have been made about dust coming from the site and West Dunbartonshire Council has assured it “will take any necessary action” to solve the problem.

A council spokeswoman said: “Following complaints in relation to this issue, an Abatement Notice under the Environmental Protection Act was served by our Environmental Health team on Clydebank Port Services in May last year.

“It required that they did not allow dust to escape their site to an extent it causes a nuisance at neighbouring locations.

“We are aware of these recent complaints, are investigating and will take any necessary action.”

Clydebank Port Services is an independent port facility.

After being contacted by the Post, the company’s director Duncan Hughes declined to comment.