A KNIGHTSWOOD councillor has called on "selfish" parents to stop putting children at risk by parking on zig zag lines outside a primary school.

Worried parents fear a child crossing the busy Great Western Road will have their view obstructed by those failing to adhere to parking restrictions outside St Ninian's Primary School, which could result in a catastrophic injury.

Councillor Paul Carey has called on Glasgow City Council to act before it's too late.

He said: "I have been contacted by some constituents who are very annoyed with the parents who are still parking on the zig zag lines outside St Ninian’s Primary School. This is a small minority of parents that continue to do this, it is quite a selfish act as they are putting not only themselves in danger by doing this but the children as well.

"Given the fact that Great Western Road is an extremely busy road and the traffic is quite condensed, parking on zig zag lines is extremely dangerous, not just at St Ninian’s but parking on any zig zag lines outside any primary school is very dangerous so I am very disappointed that there is a small amount of people that still continue to do this.

"People don’t realise that by doing this they not only put themselves at risk but also put the children who are crossing the road at risk as well as other road users. I would therefore urge any parents who were maybe thinking about parking on zig zag lines to think twice about it. It does not matter whether it is only for a short amount of time, these seconds and minutes could eventually cost someone their lives so please do not park on the zig zag lines."

Cllr Carey has encouraged anyone who spots illegal parking to inform the school and the council in a bid to crackdown on offenders.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: "Parking on zigzags outside school gates is very much a city-wide problem.

"While we appreciate there are parents or carers who must use a car for school travel, parking outside school gates and on zigzag lines is simply not acceptable.

"Everyone’s priority must be safety, not convenience, when it comes to travelling to and from school.

"Our road safety officers work with schools and their junior road safety officers right across the city to raise awareness and importance of safer travel to and from school."