A KNIGHTSWOOD head teacher has slammed plans for a rehab unit for drug addicts minutes from her school.

Kay Dingwall, head of Knightswood Secondary, was speaking at a residents’ meeting on May 2 where it emerged there were also fears sex offenders would be treated at the site.

The plans to move Phoenix Futures’ drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility into the former Munro Court Care Home – a seven-minute walk from the school – were blasted by residents.

One resident’s claim that “sex offenders and arsonists” could also be housed on the site – which are cited via a care home review site online – sent shockwaves through the almost 100-strong crowd, some of whom said councillors’ jobs would be “on the line” if the move is not stopped.

which said elected members jobs were “on the line” if the move was not stopped.

Ms Dingwall said: “I think the siting of this is absolutely crazy. My young people will walk, unfortunately, to McDonald’s [and pass the facility].

“We have seven young people who are currently working with Addaction because they are addicted to hash or cannabis. I’m not saying if that’s not there they won’t still go on that journey. But it will put our young people at a greater risk.”

The security of residents and those of the nearby Castlebank Gardens Retirement Housing was also said to be a top priority for the group, who feared rehab residents being allowed out without supervision.

One resident told councillors Elspeth Kerr, Paul Carey and Baillie Malcolm Balfour: “The most important thing you should be worried about is us.

“In this area there are four schools and nurseries. Who in their right mind approved this? This is your jobs on the line.

“If this is allowed to happen, we won’t forget it.”

It is understood the facility would not be required to apply for change of use consent as it’s activities fall under the care home category, meaning it wold not go before Glasgow City Council’s planning committee.

However, the councillors, alongside representatives from MSP Bill Kidd’s office agreed they would stand united to oppose the move regardless. And a public committee was set up to quiz the facility organisers at a later meeting.

Cllr Carey said: “Let’s call a spade a spade: this is a rehab facility. Put that ‘care home’ word away.

“This is a set up here. We’ve been kept out the loop because they knew how people would react.

“I will be rejecting this wholeheartedly.”

A spokesman for Phoenix Futures denied any sex offenders would attend the facility, stating all those who enter are risk assessed so as not to pose a threat to the wider community.

A spokesman for Bield, which sold the site to Phoenix Futures, added: “The sale process was in no way untoward or irregular. It strictly followed all normal commercial guidelines, which require an element of confidentially, and approvals were sought from our Board and our independent regulator. There was no requirement or remit for Bield to engage in formal consultations for transactions of this nature.”