A HEN do reveller was left seriously injured after she fell out of a mini-bus and landed in the middle of the road while she and the rest of the women were dancing to Scottish rave favourite Bits N Pieces.

Jennifer Keegan was part of the hen party celebrating the upcoming wedding of Rebecca Glancy, now Boyce, in April last year.

The bus, which is owned by a Drumchapel man and was being driven by another man from the area, picked the hen party up in Elderslie.

But it had to make a stop near Linwood Farm as a smoke machine filled the bus.

As the boogie bus they were on travelled through Linwood,

Rachel Wilson changed the song to Bits N Pieces. Some of the women took to their feet to dance, but Ms Keegan fell backwards and out of the side door of the mini bus – landing in the middle of the road and having to be rushed to hospital.

The details emerged this week during the trial of bus driver Michael Gilfillan, and bus owner John Hardie, at Paisley Sheriff Court.

They went on trial charged with culpable and reckless conduct by allowing the women “to stand and dance in the aisles of the mini-bus whilst it was in motion and they were under the influence of alcohol” leading to Ms Keegan suffering “severe injury” when she “fell against the side door, causing her to fall to the ground whilst the mini bus was in motion”.

Both men deny the charges, claiming through their solicitors the women had been told to sit down, and not to dance, and that there was adequate signage on the bus which said they should remain seated.

Ms Wilson, 37, said she was the one who changed the song that was being played in the bus and she said she felt responsible for Miss Keegan’s injuries as a result of her taking over the DJ.

She explained: “I didn’t like the song so I went down to the front [of the mini-bus] and put on Bits N Pieces and that’s when everyone got up. It was a good song so everyone got up to dance.

“She fell out to that song – I felt responsible.

“I thought at the time, ‘if I didn’t put that song on, maybe everyone wouldn’t have been up dancing’.”

Linda Boyce, who was on the hen do as her son was getting married to Rebecca Glancy, also gave evidence, telling the court she was sitting down and saw Ms Keegan “rolling backwards” out the side door of the mini bus before crashing on to the ground.

The 51-year-old said it looked like the side door was made of tissue paper as there was so little resistance when Ms Keegan fell against it and fell out of the vehicle.

Lawyers acting for both Mr Gilfillan, 49, and Mr Hardie, 54, argued the men had no case to answer as the woman had been told to sit down and signs displayed in the bus said they should not stand.

Mr Gilfillan and Mr Hardie, who are both of Drumchapel, maintain their innocence.

The trial, before Sheriff Tom McCartney, was adjourned until this week, when he will rule on whether or not the men have a case to answer.