A CLYDEBANK college is working with Police Scotland on a counter terrorism project, it has been revealed.

The issue was discussed during a report by Divisional Commander for Argyll and West Dunbartonshire Division Hazel Hendren to the local Community Alliance Group.

West Dunbartonshire is rated as a low to medium risk of attack from major crime or counter terrorism.

Chief Supt. Hendren said: “Keeping people safe by reducing the threat posed from organised crime and terrorism across West Dunbartonshire remains a high priority for all local police officers. “Proactive and reactive intelligence and evidence gathering opportunities continue to be fully exploited in an attempt to reduce the threat and harm posed by individuals linked to these groups and to identify new and emerging groups.

“Police activity continues to focus on arresting individuals linked to these groups, depriving them of cash and assets through full use of police intelligence.”

The police chief also revealed their involvement in Project Griffin, a project aimed at counter terrorism.

She added: “West College Scotland has been working with Counter Terrorism Liaison Officer’s from L and K division to collate counter terrorism information. Decisions were made by the college to apply to become Project Griffin instructors.”

The content also focused on performance against local police priorities such as violence, disorder and anti-social behaviour, public protection, and acquisitive crime. The report covered the period from October to December 2017.

The chief revealed crime in the last quarter is down 11 per cent. She added: “The report details a continued downward trend across crimes in West Dunbartonshire.

“Crimes involving ‘serious’ violence are reduced by 6.4 per cent compared to the same period of 2016/17, along with a noticeable reduction in serious assaults and robberies.

“I am pleased to report that the numbers are down in both violent crime and robbery. The report also highlights a continued downward trend in crimes involving lower level violence and anti-social behaviour, though public reported complaints related to disorder remained higher than the same period in previous years. A concern for me is protecting vulnerable people including sexual crimes in West Dunbartonshire. A lot of the crimes we deal with are historic sexual offences.”

“There is also good news on road safety with an overall reduction in the number of victims. This will always remain a priority.”

The Community Alliance Group was also told how Area Commander Chief Inspector Donald Leitch continues to have responsibility for addressing crime issues and concerns as they arise on a day-to-day basis, supported by dedicated Area Inspectors David Quinn (Clydebank) and Roderick MacNeill (Dumbarton) who lead the local community policing teams.

Area Commander Leitch said: “Early November saw the usual planned firework displays held at Levengrove and Dalmuir parks on November 4 and 5 respectively.

“Despite widespread adverse press coverage aimed at specific areas across the country both events within West Dunbartonshire area passed without incident.”

“Focus then moved to roads and the annual winter safety campaign that prioritised general vehicle safety checks incorporating an education and enforcement approach, the dangerous carriage of good by HGVs and of course the national festive drink driving initiative supported by a hard-hitting media campaign.”