St Stephen’s Primary had a special visitor in the audience when they put on their Easter play shortly before they broke up for the holidays.

The Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia surprised children at the school as he arrived to take in their performance.

He watched on as the lights were dimmed in the hall and pupils acted out the stages of the crucifixion behind a backlit sheet.

The approach meant that only pupils’ shadows could be seen in an effective example of shadow theatre.

During the performance, which pupils put on for the rest of the school, their classmates took to the stage in front of the sheet and narrated the play by reading from cards and holding up signs.

Earlier when the Archbishop arrived for the special occasion he presented one of the pupils with a book called The Unofficial Old and New Testament for Minecrafters: The Bible Told Block by Block, before joining the school in prayer.

The Archbishop donated the book after one of the primary six pupils wrote to him and asked him to make a donation for a raffle to help raise funds.