FED up residents are demanding action over flooding that has blighted their lives for two decades.

Flood water gathers at the entrance to the tenement block at the corner of Earl Street and Redgate Place in Scotstoun.

This leaves householders coming up with creative ways just to leave their homes - climbing through gardens and using rocks as stepping stones.

They claim the council has tried to clear the problem but the dirty grey water always returns, even after just a few hours of heavy rain.

Now they want permanent action, report our sister paper, the Evening Times.

Resident of two years Matthew Ritchie, 29, said: “I can get my wellies on and get through it but for my older neighbours and children in the close it’s a real problem.

“I’m quite tall but it swamps at the front door and comes up to my shin.

“We are really fed up with it. It impacts your daily life.”

Matthew also said the postie can’t deliver when the flooding is bad so residents can go four or five days without mail.

Betty Kelly who lives on the ground-floor of the corner block, has to let her neighbours out through her garden, where they climb over the neighbouring fence, to keep their feet dry.

She said: “I can’t climb over fences so I am stuck in here when it’s like this. I have been here for over 20 years and it has been like that all that time.”

Scotstoun Community Council has now intervened and local city councillors have agreed to step up the pressure for action.

A council spokeswoman said: “We are aware of the flooding issues at this location and plans are in place to carry out work to ensure gully outlets are running adequately and any blockages removed.

“These works are programmed for completion end of April.”

But Richard Baynes, chairman of the community council, said this work was not enough. He said: “I believe cleaning and jetting has been done before, and it doesn’t work. What they need to do is get a camera down there and find out for sure what the problem is.

“If it costs money to fix, so be it.

“It is quite shocking and unacceptable that the residents in this block can’t get out to go about their business without wellies or climbing over fences.

“The water is disgusting and scummy, and it’s like that for days on end in wet weather.”