CLYDEBANK'S cinema is giving away free cones of Ben and Jerry's ice cream next week in support of Diabetes UK.

Empire Cinema has chosen the charity for their latest campaign and will be looking for donations to go along with the giveaway next week.

You don't need a ticket and any Bankie is welcome between 12pm and 8pm on Tuesday, April 10.

Tammy Mcdowall, who works at the cinema and whose daughter Millie has type 1 diabetes, said they hope to raise a great total to support the work of Diabetes UK.

She told the Post: "We do different charities every year but have never done diabetes. Since I work here, we all understand how serious this illness is.

"We're collecting donations whilst giving out free cone - plus it’s Ben and Jerry’s.

"We want to raise awareness and hope people will donate as it is a good cause and horrible illness to live with. Donations will go towards research and help fund equipment to help people living with the illness make life easier and more manageable."

The irony of giving away ice cream to raise money for diabetes isn't lost on Tammy.

She added: "I said to my boss, 'it had to be ice cream!' It just means I get to educate people on type 1."