Wet Wet Wet star Graeme Clark entertained a full house at Clydebank Town Hall recently with his performance of “a collection of thoughts and songs” in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

As bass player and songwriter for one of the most successful bands of the late 1980s and early 90s, Graeme enjoyed more than 30 chart hits, including three UK number ones.

Keen to connect with the audience in a new way, the musician shared a lengthy insight into his music career from its beginnings in the 80s, as well as some background to the songs he has written.

He also delighted fans with a stripped-back acoustic version of well-known tunes from his time with the band, as well as some newer songs from his own repertoire.

Graeme, who received a lifetime recognition award from Provost William Hendrie at the gig, said: “There is still a place for bands but it’s now such a saturated thing, we need to find new ways of reinventing gigs.

“Having a chat for 45 minutes is a new way of doing it. It’s nice to break it up and have a conversation and talk about what I have done and then play songs.”

The former Clydebank High pupil has been recording some new songs and hopes to bring out a new album in the summer, as well as play more gigs.

He described it as “an amazing privilege” to be back performing where it all began.

He added: “It was great. It’s always nice to come back and play some new songs. It was amazing that many turned out to see us.

“It was an amazing privilege to play in Clydebank and special because its my hometown. It’s where I learned to be me.”

It was also a special occasion for another Bankie at the show, Kevin Page, who was brought up in the town, but now lives with his family in Helensburgh.

The 51-year-old’s son, Louis, was one of two musicians, along with Chris Ashton, who opened for Graeme on the night.

Kevin said: “Louis was so thrilled and felt so lucky to have the opportunity to open the concert. He is only 14 and to have that great honour was amazing.

“Both me and my wife were born and brought up in Clydebank and to think our wee lad was playing in the town hall it put a big smile on our faces.

“Wet Wet Wet are musical heroes of the town and just anyway and it was just amazing, there is no question that added to the pride. Graeme was amazing with Louis, giving him great encouragement and advice.”

The third year pupil played the guitar and piano as he performed two original songs and four covers, including a version of Wet Wet Wet’s Temptation, which Graeme admits he had to make more age appropriate for the young performer.

Graeme commented: “He is an extremely talented guy. I was blown away with his performance. He was a calm guy too, it’s a good temperament to have. Chris is another extremely talented guy too.

“I had to take some swear words out (of Temptation) as Louis is not old enough to say them. I had a big part to play in writing the song. It’s a song close to my heart that I love. It was such a privilege to hear someone sing it and to have a guy like Louis come along and give new colour to it.”