A WOMAN’S life was at risk after a vicious attack by her own American Bulldog on Monday.

The 29-year-old dog walker had been walking the rescue animal in the afternoon with a number of others at the woods between the distillery and canal near Beardmore Street.

It was around 12.37pm when the animal, which she has owned for six weeks, turned on her.

The dog, which had been on its lead, jumped on her and mauled her arms, leaving such bad injuries that the woman thought she had lost her fingers.

She shouted for help but because of the secluded nature of area, there were no members of the public nearby who heard her cries.

While the dog attacked her, another American Bulldog she had been walking jumped up and tried to protect her by biting the aggressive animal.

The woman was then able to reach for her mobile phone and call police, who moved quickly to the incident.

However, the dog was acting so violently, police had struggled to wrestle it from the woman who was lying on the ground.

Officers with shields were then dispatched.

They were able to force the dog away from the victim and when it jumped into the back of a police van, they secured the animal and attended to the woman.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and said the trauma was so bad that it was imperative the woman was taken to hospital immediately.

The damage was so significant that she could have been at risk of losing her arm.

The woman, who had been bleeding heavily, was rushed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where she underwent emergency surgery to both arms.

However, she is now in a stable condition but will undergo further surgery tomorrow.

The other dogs who were in the woman’s care were returned to their owners, having suffered no injuries.

The aggressor dog has since been put down, after being considered too great a risk to members of the public.