A HARDGATE pharmacist has won an Unsung Hero Award after going the extra mile for a sick patient.

Iain Rivans had been nominated for the patient’s choice category by a woman who had been diagnosed with leukaemia and was undergoing chemotherapy.

The patient, who had been close to giving up as she fought the disease, cited Iain’s kindness and willingness to go above and beyond as she put him forward for the award.

And on Friday, February 23, the NHS Fife employee’s name was read out as a winner at the awards ceremony at The Principal Hotel in Manchester.

The 40-year-old told the Post of how he couldn’t hold back the tears after his hard work had been recognised.

He said: “I was pretty emotional. I was crying when I went up on the stage. It just brought a bit of recognition about the things I have done.

“They gave me a plaque and I got to the microphone and shouted on my mum, and she came up on to the stage.

“She was trying to get me to stop crying [because] she was fine. She was really proud of me. She was speaking to everyone at the table. After half an hour I calmed down and got my composure.”

Iain works at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy and had been given the day off to travel down for the event.

Wife Lara had given her blessing for Iain to take his mum Jean to the ceremony, who he had credited for raising him to be the person he is.

The pair got dressed up and enjoyed a three-course meal, before the awards began at 9.30pm. However, Iain had to wait until 11pm for the good news because his category was the second last to be read out.

Upon his return home to Fife on the Saturday, the pharmacist was greeted with a warm family welcome.

“We had breakfast there and then got the train back the next day,” Iain said. “We had a mini party in the house when I came home.

“My wife and our boy had done a homemade banner saying ‘the winner’. We had some champagne and a carryout with some friends.

“It was unplanned, but it was nice to let it all sink in and look through the pictures from the night.

“It’s been nice, with all my neighbours, friends and work colleagues saying ‘you are that guy that won the award’. It’s humbling.”