TWO fitness fanatic friends have shaved their head in support of a former gym colleague who is battling cancer.

Stacy McLaughlin, from Dalmuir, has now gone through six cycles of chemotherapy to battle her cancer, but she’s still upbeat and focused on regaining her health and raising money to support the Beatson.

So Gary Robb and Gayle Swan had their heads shaved for the occasion to match Stacy, who used to be based in their Planet Fitness gym as a beauty therapist and counts them as long-time friends.

“I have always been quite upbeat,” said the 34-year-old mum of two. “I’m just taking it as it comes and I will fight it all the way.

“I’ve got support around me and I’m keeping myself busy.”

Stacy was diagnosed last year after a sore leg back in May, leading to the discovery of a blood clot caused by a tumour.

They haven’t determined the type, other than it being on the side of her stomach, she said.

“They think it’s all contained in one area - I’m keeping them guessing,” she told the Post.

Stacy already raised about £1,500 from hampers made with a friend and she’s also preparing a charity ball at the Marriott Hotel on April 28 with funds to go to the Beatson.

And then Gary and Gayle decided to shave their heads, an act that’s raised about £2,000.

“I was shocked,” said former Clydebank High pupil Stacy. “Especially for a girl to do it. At first I thought they were at it. My hair came out because it was very aggressive chemo. I just went to the wig.

“It’s quite overwhelming – the amount of messages you get, it’s really, really nice.”

Gary admitted he might have waited to shave his head – with Stacy’s help – had he known about last week’s weather.

But he said: “It was to show our support and let her know she’s not on her own. She’s just a warrior and an inspiration to people.

“She’s always thinking about others - she’s one in a million.”

Tickets to Stacy’s charity ball cost £65, which includes a three-course meal, drinks, live music, an auction and much more.

Call 07851 676 296 for tickets.