A PLAN to share roads costs between West Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde and East Dunbartonshire councils is up in the air.

East Dunbartonshire has already abandoned the shared services proposal, originally put forward in 2016, leaving just two local authorities.

At the full council meeting on Monday, a report recommended continuing to advance regardless but councillors expressed doubts.

Council leader Jonathan McColl said: “The situation in East Dunbartonshire has thrown things into the wind. We’re hoping they come back into this. The benefits are limited - only two authorities, but I think it’s still worth doing this.”

Labour Councillor David McBride said: “I see this as a material change. I think we need to sit down and look at this again quite closely. I remain to be convinced the benefits are still there when the River Clyde is between two authorities.

“I’m not saying ‘reject’ this but I would welcome a members seminar to see if the benefit is still there.”

Community Party Councillor Jim Bollan said he was not going to say “I told you so”, but cited former councillor George Black and that they were the only members who voted against the idea in 2017.

He said: “There’s no evidence to ensure an enhanced service for West Dunbartonshire residents. Jobs almost certainly will be lost and the democratic deficit will increase. This has been a disaster from day one.

“I genuinely believe before we spend more time and money on this that we call a halt to it.”

The council agreed an amendment by Cllr McBride to delay a decision on shared services and Cllr Bollan’s dissent was recorded.