IT’S been a surreal eight months for Old Kilpatrick teenager Ross Anderson.

The ‘Voice UK’ hopeful was just 15 when his harmonies struck a chord with a scout from the ITV show, while he was out busking in 2016.

In July of last year, he attended an audition at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow, before flying to London for a successful call-back, which paved the way for his blind audition on national television in February.

The now 17-year-old produced a stirring rendition of One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’, which left Jennifer Hudson with no choice but to turn her chair.

“It’s who I wanted to turn around,” Ross told the Post. “I didn’t expect Jennifer Hudson to turn around, especially that quickly. It wasn’t expected.”

The 2004 American Idol finalist has already been a significant influence on Ross, helping him channel his nerves and develop his voice.

He added: “She’s tried to help me with nerves, I’ve got a big problem with nerves. It’s a bit different being on The Voice to busking in Glasgow.

“As soon as I’m on stage, the nerves come right out man. It’s so hard, you just need to keep yourself calm.

“She’s opened up different parts of my voice I didn’t even know I had. She’s brought me on in the last few months. It’s mad how much my voice has come on. I’m just really happy to be there, to get this opportunity.”

On Saturday Ross went one better in the Battle Rounds and his performance of ‘September Song’ secured himself a spot in the knockout stage – the penultimate round before the live finals.

However, it was a bitter sweet moment as he came up against fellow contestant and pal Harri Oakland.

“I was really close with Harri,” the musician added. “So, that was hard going up against him. Both of you want to win but you’re both pals at the end of the day. It’s a hard thing to do.”

Ross, who attended Braehead Primary School as a child, has been overwhelmed by the reaction he has had at home.

He said: “I’ve had mad support from everyone. People in Old Kilpatrick tooting at me when I’m walking up to the station, waving at me.

“People at the shops the other day asking when I’m next on telly, and people in Glasgow asking for photos. It’s just brilliant.”

Ross is still adapting to being in the spotlight and admitted he got a bit of a fright when he turned on the TV last Friday.

“I don’t know if I believe it yet,” he said. “I saw myself on ‘Lorraine’ this morning, they were speaking about me and Harry’s battle. They showed a bit of it.

“That just freaked me out. I’m in Old Kilpatrick looking out my window, looking at the telly and then looking out the window again, trying to figure out if I’m in the right place.”

The teenager doesn’t want it to end, however, and the goal is quite simple.

He said: “Hopefully I can win it and start selling out big arenas. That’s the dream. I can’t see myself doing something else.”

“It’s unexplainable, my head’s still not clicked into it yet. I just want to take everything I can out of it.”