A CLYDEBANK woman broke into her next door neighbour’s home and nicked a variety of goods, claiming it was to pay off a drugs debt.

Elizabeth Douglas, 53, of Overtoun Court, broke into her neighbour’s home along with others and stole two lamps, a television set, a vacuum cleaner, a quantity of electrical goods and jewellery and toiletries.

Fiscal depute Kevin Doherty told the court: “She has previous convictions. Her victim was her next door neighbour who was known to her. 

“Days and weeks leading up to the theft there had been some dispute between the two over a drugs debt. 

“The householder decided to move elsewhere briefly. During that time, on May 29, Douglas, assisted by others, broke into her house and stole a variety of items. She took them next door. 

“It was a substantial amount of property. Another neighbour reported this to police. A search warrant was sought and granted and all of the items were recovered and there was no loss.

“There was significant damage to the entry door of the flat. Douglas made various admissions to police. 

“She expresses her regret in this incident. She was cautioned and charged.”

Defence lawyer Scott Adair told the court that Douglas’s last prison sentence was just under 10 years ago.

Sheriff William Gallacher said: “Breaking into other people’s homes is taken very seriously. You have a record, albeit a number of years ago. All options will be considered. I am not optimistic that in your case it will work out for you.”

Sentence was deferred until March 21 for reports. Bail was continued.