A TROUPE of talented Clydebank performers quite literally danced with the stars last Saturday. 

Youngsters from Laura Gray’s School of Dance were introduced on to the stage at the Scottish SEC by their hero Louie Spence on February 24.

The group, who rehearse in Dalmuir, had been successful in their application to participate in Dance Champions UK, having also taken part last year and met actress Jennifer Ellison.

The students, both boys and girls, ranged from as young as four to 25 years old but for every one of them, it was a dream come true to learn from one of their idols. 

Teacher Laura Gray, 30, told the Post: “It was amazing, well and truly brilliant. They did really well. 

“It was well worth it. The kids just had an amazing time. It’s not often you get to meet Louie Spence. He is a celebrity. 

“It’s not often you work alongside someone like that in the field and learn his side of things. 

“He was telling them how he started out in regular dance classes and just enjoyed it so much. That’s the exact way the kids are so he was saying ‘I was you guys’. It’s someone for them to look up to.”

The three groups within the school enjoyed a masterclass with Louie and Dane Bates, spending an hour learning a full routine before performing their own set on stage. 

As they were about to go on, dance legend Louie shared a bit of background on the performers and told the audience where they were from. 

Laura revealed the television personality was a natural in helping her students to feel at ease on the occasion. 

“We watched the first half of the show in the audience,” she added. “You could hear him (Louie) do all his mic checks and stuff, which was quite nice. They performed, and they introduced us onto the stage. 

“He was absolutely hilarious. He was telling so many jokes. It’s just the way he comes across. They were just about to perform in front of 3,000 people and he managed to stop them worrying.”

And after meeting Louie, they were desperate to get a memento from a night they will never forget. 

“We all did a rehearsal on stage with our routines,” Laura said. “They bought programmes and jumpers and got them all signed. The parents loved it.

“He’s just so out there. He’s big in the dance world, anybody that dances knows who he is. The girls were over the moon to meet him and be up close with him.

“He was standing and talking to them as they went on. When they finished he said how well they did.”