SUPERMARKETS in Clydebank are experiencing extreme pressure as shoppers rush to get supplies in.

Stores across the area are running out of foodstuffs such as bread, milk and eggs as deliveries are cut off by snow.

Jackson Hamilton-Campbell, a duty manager at Iceland on Sylvania Way, said the store has been bombarded with phone calls from people desperate for everyday items. 

He told the Post: "I've been phoned about 300 times today asking if i've got bread, milk or eggs. I've got nothing. 

"It's been a lot of pressure on me and my supervisor. We've been in for the past two snow days. Deliveries are off until the snow's away. 

"They (customers) have been running around, earlier they were buying lots of milk but now they are buying small items and even powdered milk.

"I hope it will die down but it doesn't look like it's going to."

Other stores such as Aldi and Asda have experienced stock pressure in the last 24 hours. 

Tom Brogan quipped on Twitter: "Clydebank shoppers bravely do without fat free milk during snowstorm" after shoppers had opted against purchasing skimmed milk. 

Meanwhile, staff at the Co-op in Dalmuir have reported "massive" queues as locals flooded in to pick up essentials. 

Smaller shops in the area are also experiencing shortages, and the USave on Dumbarton Road, said they have no milk.

A bread delivery in the morning was also quickly sold out.