A FAIFLEY man has vowed to keep his gym open to provide shelter for the homeless and stranded. 

Gary Robb opened the doors of Planet Fitness Scotland to the vulnerable yesterday and took in people who were sleeping rough or stuck outside in freezing temperatures. 

The 40-year-old posted a heartfelt plea on Facebook urging locals to help him get the homeless out of the snow and indoors, which was shared more than 30,000 times. 

People came forward to donate duvets, pillows and blankets, as well as food and hot beverages, and Gary has been overwhelmed by the community's support. 

He told the Post: "We had three come in, and then at about 3.45am this morning, we had a man and his partner, who had been locked out of their house. 

"We are going to stay open tonight. We are open for people that are getting stranded as well. The locals have pitched in and brought soup and sandwiches, and teas and coffees.

"The locals have stuck by me on this. For me it was trying to raise awareness for the homeless. I don't think there's enough done for them."

Gary said it's easy for the average person to take for granted what they have when they spend time with those who have been sleeping on the streets. 

He added: "One of the guys that was here last night was from Fort William. He was actually picked up by a guy from further along in Clydebank, and he brought him down. 

"The guy still here at the minute is originally from Wales. He's been homeless for 23 years. It just makes you realise how lucky you are. He slept for two hours and he said 'that's the best sleep I've had in years.' What he's worried about is his friends in Glasgow.

"When he came in he says 'switch them lights off, that'll be costing you a fortune'. I told him 'don't you worry about that'.

"I'm doing this because I want to actually help these people."

Gary has encouraged anyone who is stranded or doesn't have a place to stay tonight to go to Planet Fitness Scotland on Dunn Street.