THE Recycle Room in Clydebank is no longer at risk of closing – after securing a new home. 

Volunteers of the service – which takes in used goods, such as clothes and household items, and makes them available to those in need – have expressed their relief after West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust provided them with space in The Hub on Kilbowie Road.

Radnor Park woman Nichola Mable, 37, started the room in January 2016 and reopened it in its new permanent location last Wednesday. 

The service will operate Monday to Friday, from 11am to 1pm. 

Nichola said The Hub was the perfect location, being in the centre of town with strong transport links, and has now set her sights on securing the charity status for the service.

She told the Post: “It’s a complete relief. Anybody that saw us where we were, will notice a difference. Just being able to get everything organised is great and everyone knows where The Hub is.

“Apart from being within the shopping centre, I don’t think we could be any more central. Most people in Clydebank go to the health centre, so they know where we are.”

After the Post reported in January that the Recycle Room was in search of a new base, eight people came forward to find out how they could help.

The stumbling block however was that they needed the Recycle Room to break down in the evening and take stock away. 

However, the arrangement with West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust means  that the goods can now be stored in rooms overnight. 

Nichola added: “We received quite a few offers after the article in the Post, but the problem was people needed us to take the stuff away. Someone from the leisure trust then got in touch with us to offer a space. 

“If The Hub is open at night then we can go in – and we’re planning an appointment service. 

“We’ve had a lot of people asking about volunteering too, which is great.

“It was a rolling set-up before and now it’s much more permanent. We can look to win charity status.”

The appeal also saw people come forward with donations and locals have asked Nichola how to go about setting up a similar service in their own area.

She explained: “I’ve had people from Shetland and others from America get in contact – it’s incredible.

“I’ve had people from Edinburgh bringing stuff through too. I’m giving advice to other people which is fantastic.

“This seems like it would be the easiest thing in the world to set up, but my sleepless nights suggest otherwise!

“When people hear about it they’re like ‘it’s such a good idea’.”

MSP Gil Paterson visited the service as it relaunched in its new venue and has lodged a parliamentary motion commending the work of the special recycling initiative. 

He said: “I am so impressed with the amazing work Nichola Mable and Amanda Lancaster are doing with the Recycle Room. 

“They have done a brilliant job and are a true asset to the communities of Clydebank.

“The Recycle Room not only prevents items from being thrown away but helps those who may be facing financial pressures – despite everyone always being welcome, no matter what their income.

“I would like to thank the Recycle Room for the great work being done there on behalf of the constituents I represent.

“I am proud to be sharing this good news story with my MSP colleagues with a parliamentary motion.”