Clydebank FC players tried their hand at Futsal last week when they took on Disability Futsal Clydebank in an exhibition game.

It was a great spectacle, with a number of first team players going down to take on the futsal club and spectators aplenty to watch the game.

Life-long Bankies fan Shaun Longridge also fulfilled a life-time dream of playing for Clydebank FC on the night, bagging himself a hat-trick.

Bankies captain Alan Vezza said: “Last week we got asked to put some boys together and there were ample amount of people putting themselves forward. It was great to see, it was good interaction, I think the boys enjoyed it as well.

“There was a great turnout here, and they’re here every Monday, and everyone looks like they’re having a cracking time.

“And that’s what it’s all about, that’s what football is all about at the end of the day, bringing people together and enjoying themselves, keep themselves fit and active.” If you are interested in taking up futsal, contact the club via their Facebook page “Disability Futsal Club”.