A PARKHALL family are “ecstatic” for their tot Arya Thomson as she collects her winners’ cheque for Bonnie Babies 2017. 

The little star, who will turn two in April, took first place despite some tough competition in the top 10. 

As well as a cheque for £300, the family was awarded a family meal at Matzaluna.

Mum Amanda Jamieson, 33, told the Post the money will be put aside for Arya’s future.

But for Amanda and partner Neil Thomson, 33, the reason they entered was to give the one-year-old something of sentimental value.

“It was never about the prize,” she said. “It was just about the title. I thought it would a be a good thing for her to look back on when she’s older. I’ve got the paper and put it in a wee memory box.”

“My family and friends and work colleagues all voted. My grandparents were right on it every week. 

“I was getting text messages every week saying ‘that’s another one through’. The whole family was ecstatic. My mum couldn’t actually believe it.”

Arya goes to nursery three days a week and is doted on by the whole family, with grandparents more than happy to help out when Neil or Amanda are at work. 

“When I’m working she will be with one of the sets of grandparents,” Amanda said. “She’s developing into her own wee lady just now.”

The toddler is already growing up quickly and Amanda admitted Arya seems to be taking after her mum. 

She added: “She’s very independent. She was helping me put stuff in the washing machine and she was shoving me away.

“She’s her own wee person. She’s very funny. She likes one on one but when there’s a couple of people there, she acts up a wee bit. She’s a great kid though.

“[She gets it] mostly from me, the independence side, and if she doesn’t get her own way she has a tantrum, so she’s going to be hard work.”

“That’s what my mum says. She says ‘she’s just a mini you’. We’re just going to put it (the prize) straight into Arya’s bank account in case she needs it in the future.”

Runner-up is Ava Campbell Wightman, who receives £100 of Clyde Shopping Centre vouchers plus a family meal at Matzaluna.

Third placed is Sean Gillespie, who receives £50 of Clyde Shopping Centre vouchers plus a family meal at Matzaluna.

Thanks to all those who took part.