VULNERABLE residents of a Drumchapel care home have been waiting more than a week to return to their own beds following an evacuation.

A total of 67 residents of Almond View Care home were forced to leave when an “electrical incident” took place on January 28.

Around 24 people were relocated to other facilities run by the owners – including homes as far as West Lothian and Ayrshire, while another 43 were placed in either local authority or other private care homes across Glasgow and Paisley.

But relatives of residents say they have been worried sick and have hit out at “poor communication” from the home’s management.

According to a Post source, next of kin had been told they would return within hours, but now it has been more than a week.

They said: “We are talking about the most vulnerable people on the planet. We are paying good money for this home and they won’t tell you what’s going on. 

“They’re doing things that they don’t want to do and it can be very traumatic for them.

“It’s knowing that sockets have been blown off the walls and light fittings off the ceiling. Be honest about it, don’t try and cover it up.

“It’s the management, it’s not the staff. It’s poor management. It’s poor communication. I’m hearing ‘it could be this, it could be that’. 

“We want to know what’s going on. If that was my home, I would be kicking up hell to get it done. Nobody’s taking ownership.

“I want her back there because she wants to go back there. You can tell she knows this isn’t her place. We keep telling her it’s a wee holiday but I don’t want to have to lie to her. I’m absolutely speechless at the way people have been treated.”

However, Holmes Care Group assured staff are striving to put the wellbeing of residents first by providing care and support during this time. 

A spokeswoman for the organisation, which runs Almond View, said on Friday: “A large team of electricians and contractors have been working around the clock to identify the cause of the incident and ensure the safety of the building.

“The welfare of our residents is our absolute priority, therefore all residents have been temporarily relocated to other homes within Holmes Care Group and neighbouring nursing homes.

“We would like to thank the dedicated staff teams who worked hard to ensure that residents were moved with minimum disruption. Almond View’s residents will return to the home early next week.”

Sharifa Lakhani, managing director of Holmes Care Group, added: “On day one of the evacuation it was not known that residents would be away from Almond View for several days, however the process to reopen the home is currently underway. 

“Staff have been keeping in touch with main contact relatives by phone as often as they can.”

The process to reopen the home is underway and the Post understands the group is hopeful of residents returning today.