A COUPLE who welcomed their newborn just after midnight on Christmas Day have settled on a name for the tot.

After two weeks adapting to life in Scotstoun as first-time parents, Karen, 36, and Michael Ratcliffe, 33, have decided to name their son David Elias Ratcliffe. 

Weighing in at just over seven pounds, David’s head made an appearance at 11.59pm before the rest of his body followed seconds after midnight.

It continues a special theme for the couple, who were first introduced on Christmas Eve in 2014 before getting engaged exactly a year on.

Michael told the Post: “It’s amazing how fast things can change in three years. It will be hard to follow it up I think. I don’t know how we are going to follow that next Christmas.”

The pair are enjoying spending time together as a family and doting over their newborn.

Michael added: “We came home on December 26 for lunch and then we went back to hospital. 

“It was exciting. There was optimism and excitement about watching him grow. 

“My wife’s parents were staying with us over Christmas and they were unexpectedly thrilled because the baby wasn’t due until January.

“It’s our first child. We are getting on okay and getting used to the new patterns. We are getting used to our life revolving around him.

“I think we expected it would take time but maybe not this much. We are enjoying that time at home.”

Karen is a neonatologist, more commonly referred to as a baby doctor, at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Govan and gave birth there – making the experience all the more familiar. 

Speaking about his wife, Michael said: “She’s doing well. There were ups and downs along the way. 

“It wasn’t quite as planned but we were happy with the way it has all resolved. 

“It was staff and doctors she knew that were checking on her and looking after her. 

“She found it very interesting looking at it from the other perspective.”