Clydebank Business Park has taken on a new meaning for the phrase ‘getting trolleyed’.

No less than eight of the shopping carts blocked the entrance to the facility yesterday morning, with one bizarrely hanging from a tree.

Callum Tyler, who travels to the park for work, took a snap of the scene at around 9am and posted it on social media with the tongue-in-cheek caption ‘Good morning Clydebank!’

The 22-year-old creative writer told the Post: “Initially, I thought that walking through a shopping trolley graveyard is a pretty depressing way to start the day.

“Then I noticed the trolley hanging from the tree and thought it looked like the other trolleys had lynched that one.

“This surreal image in my head, I decided it would make funny Twitter content. So I hung back from the other commuters and took a photo.”

Abandoned trolleys have been an issue in Clydebank for some time and in August MP Martin Docherty-Hughes called for action to be taken to prevent the problem increasing.

At the time, he said: “Abandoned trolleys are a nuisance and as a regular visitor to the shopping centre I’ve been disappointed by how often the trolley bays are full and overflowing – resulting in trolleys being discarded and the pedestrian walkways being blocked.”

And Mr Tyler confirmed it was a reoccurring problem at the business park, when he said: “There’s usually a few at the same place.

“And of course, every time the canal freezes over you can pretty much guarantee someone’s chucked something on to it.”