COMMUNITY groups and charities in Clydebank and beyond could be facing cuts to their council funding as the ruling SNP group on West Dunbartonshire Council proposes its first draft budget.

The administration has put forward more than £1 million in savings they could make in 2018-19, based on a list compiled by West Dunbartonshire council officers.

One of those favoured by the SNP and council bosses is £150,000 in savings from a total of £1.2m for “strategic partner organisations”.

The SNP kicked off last Wednesday’s full council meeting by pledging to confirm stable funding for the next three years for both Dumbarton Women’s Aid and Clydebank Women’s Aid.

But when they later put forward their draft budget, the SNP proposed cutting money from groups and charities – without providing a list of which groups might lose out.

It was only when pressed by Labour members later in the meeting that council officers disclosed a list the groups and charities that benefit from the £1.2m currently given to community organisations in the area each year.

Those include the Independent Resource Centre, West Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau, Victim Support, Shopmobility, Y Sort It and others.

Other groups which could be in line to suffer from cuts in funding could include Clydebank Asbestos Group, who were honoured at a civic ceremony (pictured) just weeks ago by councillors for 25 years of work.

Under repeated questions from Labour councillor Douglas McAllister, who was council leader until the local government elections in May, over the £50,000 to Antonine Sports Centre, finance convener Cllr Ian Dickson added the centre to the list of ‘protected’ groups alongside Women’s Aid.

Cllr McAllister said: “I want to know the list of organisations affected and the level of cuts.

“Will you exclude Antonine Sports Centre? Are there any other organisations you’re willing to exclude?”

But referring to the SNP ‘s draft budget, council leader Councillor Jonathan McColl then added: “It says we will provide figures for the next three years.

“We don’t say what the figures will be.”

Cllr McAllister asked if there were any talks planned with Antonine or Clydebank Asbestos Group.

Cllr Dickson replied: “I cannot confirm or deny.”

Joyce White, chief executive of the council, interjected: “I’m not aware of any detailed discussions with any of those organisations at this time.”

West Dunbartonshire’s 2018-19 spending plans and council tax rates will be set at a meeting in March.