Dog owners across Clydebank are being issued a guide this Christmas to make sure that they don’t make a dog’s dinner of the festive season.

Pets at Home in Drumchapel have released their ‘naughty and nice’ list of items that can and can’t be fed to four-legged friends, with many traditional foods viewed to be harmful to dogs.

Among potentially harmful foodstuffs are mince pies containing raisins and currants - which can be fatal to dogs - and chocolate, with too much strange food causing an upset stomach.

The list of ruled-out items also includes stuffing, pigs in blankets, Christmas cake and even gravy, which can prove too fatty and salty for canine tastes.

On the other side of the scale, the perfect Christmas dinner includes skinless, boneless turkey and vegetables including potatoes, carrots, peas and sprouts, all in moderation.

Gordon Wallace, store manager at Pets at Home Drumchapel, said: “A pet’s diet is essential when it comes to their health and wellbeing, but with all the delicious smells and tastes of Christmas it can be tempting to treat your furry friend to some delicious festive treats. Some human foods are okay to feed to your dog, but should be strictly limited to foods from the ‘nice list’ and served in very small quantities only.

“We’d recommend treating your pets to some exciting new Christmas toys or treats instead. We even offer pet-friendly versions of festive favourites, such as mince pies and candy canes, so your dog can safely enjoy the Christmas fun too.”