COUNCIL bosses have got fantastic facility for the homeless, despite it being wildly over budget, a committee has heard.

West Dunbartonshire Council’s audit committee was told last week how there was an internal investigation of the overspend at 26 Ashton View, Dumbarton.

There is also supported accommodation at 28 Ashton View and it was decided in May 2015 to expand into number 26 to provide additional beds for single people needing temporary housing.

The projected revenue is to be more than £200,000 a year from the extra spaces after spending £90,000. But the spending went significantly over budget by almost £300,000.

The audit committee heard a number of recommendations have come back from the audit of the project, which spiralled when the top two housing officers left.

Jim McAloon, head of regeneration and economic development, said there needed to be a better handover when staff leave.

He said: “This has been a real focus for us to understand the dos and don’ts of major projects. We have a fabulous facility but how we got there should have been handled better.”

Stephen West, head of finance and resources, said: “This is the first one where lack of following proper procedures has resulted in an overspend. To me, this is a one-off rogue project. That’s my interpretation.”

The committee was told there is already 75 per cent occupancy of the new facility and they are on track to hit 90 per cent by the end of January.

Peter Barry, head of customer and community services, added: “At no point was there a question about good faith desire to deliver a good project and we ended up with a good project.”