FOR six-year-old Jessica Gillespie, all she wants for Christmas is to give to others.

So the primary 2 pupil has given up all but one gift next week to instead hand out presents to patients at St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

The Our Holy Redeemer Primary youngster was involved in the shoebox appeal as a P1 pupil and wanted to help others at Christmas again this year.

And she was particularly taken by the work of the hospice and insisted to parents Lisa Anderson and Daniel Gillespie this was her Christmas wish.

Lisa, 28, told the Post: “She kept going on about giving gifts to children who didn’t have anything and after looking around we went to the hospice and she had a nice feel there and the man there said it would be nice to hand out gifts on Christmas Day.

“She wanted to donate her Christmas. She only asked for one gift this year.

“Jessica kept going on about it and with her being six, we were trying to make sure she wanted to do it and wouldn’t be upset on Christmas Day. But she was really committed – she’s excited to give to others.”

Jessica will give out socks and chocolates to men and nice creams and socks to the women in the Mary Aitkenhead Centre at the hospice next week.

And the one gift she wants for herself? A Chromebook computer for her homework.

Lisa added: “I was a wee bit overwhelmed that she came up with this on her own. I think it will affect me more because we are used to spoiling her.

“I don’t have any words to say how proud we are of her, for someone of such a young age to have such a grasp on what Christmas is all about.”

Clydebank Waterfront Councillor and former hospice worker Marie McNair said: “I am full of praise for Jessica. This is such a lovely thing to do and it shows how important the hospice is to the people of Clydebank.

“I’m sure her family will be tremendously proud of her for being so caring and considerate, and the patients will just love this gesture.”

Sister Rita, chief executive of St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, told the Post: “We are delighted that Jessica and her parents are coming in to spend some time with patients and bring them gifts on Christmas morning. It’s a lovely gesture and very thoughtful.”