BANKIE businessman John McMonagle has raised £17,000 in the name of a kind-hearted homeless man who sparked a social media storm after waiting for hours in freezing rain to guard the chippy owner’s car with £450 inside.

James McGowan was outside Glasgow Sheriff Court last week when he noticed a car with its window down and a handbag containing cash on the passenger seat and an additional money on display on the centre console.

The car and the money belonged to the local chip shop owner and his employee Alyshia Orford, who were both giving evidence as witnesses in court.

After two and a half hours in the cold, James took the bag to the office of nearby solicitors Browns and informed them of the money in the car.

John was then made aware of the situation and paid tribute to James’s festive act of kindness and has now promised to support the man after sharing his story online. There is also a potential job offer in the pipeline for James.

He told the Post: “We set up a GoFundMe page and within 24 hours it reached it’s £5,000 target.”

The page has now raised more than £17,000.

John added: “We were walking back to the car and I could see the police at my car. She’s left her Christmas shopping money in her bag on my passenger seat and I’ve left money in the central area.“He stood there and waited for hours but it was really cold and wet so James looked in the bag for ID and found the money so took both in to the lawyers office nearby and said the guy’s left his window open.

“It’s just unbelievable.

“He didn’t have anywhere to sleep that night but he never thought to touch my car.”

John added that 10 per cent of the total above the £5,000 target will go to James and the rest will go to Clydebank homeless.

In addition, the businessman is working with others in the area to give James a home and, if he moves close enough to Clydebank to travel, John will offer him a job once James’ has address his alcohol issues, which with John’s help he is now working on. After the story went viral online, James was inundated with offers of accommodation, food and work.

The GoFundMe page has also now raised around £17,000, with thousands of donors pitching in from across the globe.

He said: “The honesty that this man showed is incredible. He’s entitled to this because of his honesty.

“He lives on the other side of Glasgow but I would give him a job as long as he was not alcohol dependent.”