By Ashlie McAnally

A SCOTSTOUN man is facing a lengthy jail sentence after being caught with a gun and ammunition when stopped by police.

Steven Wilkinson, 43, was spoken to by officers on a street in Springburn after intelligence led them to his car.

His agitated behaviour lead to police cautioning him and asking if there was anything sharp or that could hurt officers in the car.

Wilkinson confessed, “Aye, there's a gun in the front passenger seat” before being cuffed.

Wilkinson, from Kingsway Court, pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to a string of firearms charges including possession of a "Skorpion" submachine pistol, ammunition and a silencer on August 24.

Judge Lady Rae looked at the gun and commented: “That's some weapon”.

The court heard that police went to East Kilbride to trace a man wanted on a warrant and though to be in a house in the area.

They were given information that a grey or silver Seat Leon car had driven off from the house.

Advocate depute Gordon Lamont said: “A description was obtained of the driver of the vehicle.

“The accused was not associated with the man wanted on a warrant but that was not known at the time police became interested in the car.”

It was traced to an address in Springburn through the insurance details and when police arrived the car was parked outside a house.

Wilkinson got out of the driver side when cops approached the car.

Mr Lamont continued: “The accused was spoken with and a routine PNC check carried out.

“During this procedure the officers noted that the accused appeared to be agitated and was clinging to a small satchel carried over his shoulder.”

Because of his behaviour and other intelligence, officers cautioned him and told him that he and his car were being detained for a search.

When asked if there was anything sharp on him or in the car that could hurt the officers he replied “Aye, there's a gun in the front passenger seat”.

Wilkinson was handcuffed and more officers were requested.

The car was searched and a black and yellow bag in the passenger footwell with three clear bags with a gun, a magazine and silencer was found.

He gave a no comment police interview and no reply when cautioned and charged.

The firearms were examined by forensic scientists.

The gun was identified as a Czech manufactured “Skorpion” pistol with an 11.5cm barrel.

Defence counsel Tony Lenehan said: “He was involved after having got into some financial difficulty, to take the easy option.”

The court heard he was asked to move something to a specific address which he tried to do but nobody was in and the police found him.

Lady Rae deferred sentence until later this month and Wilkinson was remanded in custody.

She said: “You can expect a significant period in custody. The only reason these weapons are carried are to kill or to threaten to kill.

“I'm not suggesting for a moment that you were, but you knew what you were carrying.”