by Alex Dowdalls

A DRUMRY man who set up a cannabis farm at his home was caught because he was playing loud music and annoying his neighbours.

Thomas Dillon, 29, of Montrose Street, was found growing 15 cannabis plants with a street value of £3,000.

Dillon was caught after police were called to his home at 1.25am after he had breached an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, imposed on him at Dumbarton Sheriff Court, on December 8, 2016.

The court heard on Friday how he made excessive noise at his home on April 27, this year, by playing music loudly.

When police arrived at his home they discovered a cannabis farm in his home. They found the plants enclosed in a large black tent. As well as admitting to cultivating the cannabis plants, Dillon also pleaded guilty to by-passing the electricity meter.

Dillon breached his ASBO again on May 9 also by playing music at an excessive level. The noise created a disturbance to nearby residents. He was on bail at the time, an order imposed on him at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on April 28.

He broke his ASBO conditions for a third time on September 25, again by playing music at an excessive level, and breaching two bail orders.

Prosecutor Craig Wainwright explained that Dillon also acted in a threatening or abusive manner at home by shouting, gesticulating and uttering threats of violence.

He added that two people were placed in a state of fear and alarm.

At the time he was on bail from Dumbarton Sheriff Court, orders imposed on him on April 28 and August 21.

“He was also found to be in possession of an axe in the street outside his home,” said the fiscal depute.

Defence lawyer Brian McGuire said: “This is a serious situation he finds himself in and he expects a custodial sentence, but I would ask that a non-custodial option be adopted. It is a question of balance and where the balance falls.”

Sheriff Simon Pender said: “These are serious matters and against that you have a bad record. There is a cannabis supply problem in this area and this must be discouraged. There is only one appropriate sentence and that is custody.” Dillon was jailed him for 15 months backdated to September 26, when he was first taken into custody.