THREE council-owned properties in Dalmuir could be turned into cottage-style homes in order to make them more attractive to social rent tenants.

West Dunbartonshire Council is looking into the possibility of carrying out development work at the Brunswick, Montreal and Quebec flats in Mountblow.

One idea being floated is to develop the properties and have them reconfigured in order to fulfill the needs of modern tenants.

It’s understood that, for one reason or another, the properties are “difficult” to rent out, either due to unsuitability, or their configuration.

The issue cropped up during a meeting of the council’s housing and communities committee last Wednesday.

During a discussion on the council’s new build progress report, Peter Barry, the strategic lead for housing and employability, spoke about the possibility of transforming the properties in order to make them more “rent friendly”.

He said: “Montreal, Quebec and Brunswick are very difficult to rent. We’re looking at cottage-style flats, it would bring down the overall numbers (of tenants) but increase occupation – and the quality.

“It’s in the ideas phase but it’s about addressing the needs of our tenants.”