POLICE responded to more than 30 incidents in Drumchapel on Bonfire Night – double the number from last year.

Fireworks were aimed at homes and cops, while one pyrotechnic reportedly hit a gas meter – and another narrowly missed a resident’s head.

Nobody was injured in the spate of anti-social and disorder attacks, which police said took place between about 5pm and 10pm on Sunday.

Witnesses said about 30-50 youths were involved.

One resident, who asked not to be named, told the Post: “They were firing fireworks up and down the road at each other. We phoned police at least four times.

“We have had this for the last three years. We certainly were not surprised – it’s an every-year experience and every-day experience in Halgreen Avenue.

“It was like Iraq – just unbelievable. The noise was unbelievable.”

All the incidents happened in the area between Halgreen Avenue, Abbotshall Avenue, Drumry Road East and the Antonine Road, next to Drumchapel Park, where the organised Winterfest event took place.

Drumchapel police are reviewing CCTV in the area and appealing for all witnesses to contact them on 101.

Morag Stewart, area commander, told the Post: “Whilst the pre-planned Winterfest event was a successful night attended by lots of family and community members without incident, we are disappointed that a specific group of young people were responsible for a number of reported acts of disorder in the surrounding community placing members of the public and my officers at risk by their reckless actions.

“A number of persons were charged with alleged disorder related offences on the night and I expect this number to rise in the coming weeks. Enquiries are now ongoing to identify those responsible.”

Two youths, aged 16 and 17, were arrested in Abbotsford Avenue after 6.20pm, and will be diverted to “early and effective intervention” (EEI) as an alternative to the children’s panel.

There were no reported issues at all at the Winterfest celebration in Drumchapel Park nearby.

Bill Kidd MSP said: “The irresponsible behaviour exhibited this weekend has been very distressing for many of my constituents and has put an unfair burden on front-line police officers and firefighters.

"I do not condone this behaviour under any circumstances - Safety during Bonfire Night is of paramount importance, especially given the number of families with young children watching the official fireworks.”

Councillor Paul Carey said: “I’m dismayed at the number of calls that come in to police about anti-social behaviour. It’s important these young people are identified – I don’t think they realise the potential dangers.”

Bailie Malcolm Balfour added he hoped to meet with police to discuss the weekend trouble.

He said: “It could have had serious consequences. I think we require more outreach. I’m disappointed it’s doubled from last year but I’m sure police will take this on board.”

In Clydebank, a 45-year-old woman had a firework land in her shopping bag within a store. She was uninjured and later reported the attack, which happened at 7.30pm on Sunday in the Co-op in Dunn Street, Dalmuir.

The woman felt something bounce off her leg and realised it was a lit firework in her shopping. Staff helped remove it.

Police said it was an offence under the Explosives Act 1875.

There were also calls to police about disorder in Braes Avenue, Whitecrook, and Langside Street, Faifley.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said they attended 10 bonfire incidents in the area, one of them in Drumchapel.

The firefighters were escorted by police through the night whilst carrying out their duties.